Over the past 10 years, L-S-B has grown to become a leading supplier of control system solutions to the world-wide broadcast market. Focussed around its ground breaking Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) product, L-S-B has grown strongly year on year to now consist of over 35 employees based from Headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany.

The story behind the core product of the L-S-B company begins more than 20 years ago:

Early 1990s
The initial embedded control solutions (for example protocol converters) are developed for several German broadcast stations.

The first generic control system for an OB van/mobile truck is delivered: An MS-DOS based product named ‘KC1500’, programmed entirely in assembler. The concept of a virtual matrix, where all inputs and outputs can be gathered together, is born.

An editor for the KC1500, called ‘vmConfig’, is created. The system runs on the Windows NT OS.

vmConfig and the KC1500 are jointly awarded an innovation prize.

vmConfig ever increasingly becomes the core product, and changes from an editor into the controller software. Innovative functions such as ‘virtual signals’ and ‘pseudo devices’ are developed.

The company "L-S-B Broadcast Technologies GmbH" is founded in Bingen/Germany by the core designers and developers. L-S-B starts to focus on VSM as a true product.

The ‘vsmStudio’ software is established. This application is now running in a vsmServer cluster, and the complete system is TCP/IP based.

The system capabilities grow with a previous 30000 x 30000 crosspoint limit removed. It was now possible to control up to 175000 parameters and 1200 tie-lines per system.

The first installation with more than 100 controlled routers is realised. Other large-scale installations designed for the control of routers and other equipment, are supplied to large customers in Germany and other European broadcasters.

Alarm Management and Reporting is added to support the growing use of the product in the MCR application.

A growing European customer base is now complimented by other installations around the world including New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

Global awareness of VSM continues to grow with first installations in China, Australia and the USA. Product fast becomes the ‘standard’ for many OB Vans around the world as the central control system.

Continual 3rd party protocol implementation leads to the landmark of over 100 protocols supported.

The company "VSM Control GmbH" is founded in Rastatt / Germany to support the growing interest in L-S-B and sales of the VSM product outside of Europe.

A first class Training Center in Wiesbaden/Germany is created to support the growing customer base and freelance OB Van engineer community wanting to learn more about VSM.

System now supports uni-code system labels including multi-language UMD support.

L-S-B Introduce the first all in one rack mount dedicated touch screen control panel (LTP-19).

Worldwide acceptance continues to grow with first installations in Russia and South Korea.

"VSM Control GmbH" officially changes its company name to "LSB International GmbH". The reason for the name change is to more closely align the company's identity to the VSM product manufacturer L-S-B- Broadcast Technologies GmbH. LSB International remains responsible for all LSB sales outside of Europe.

"L-S-B Broadcast Technologies GmbH" expands and moves its offices to even better serve their customers: The new company building in Wiesbaden, Germany, Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 13-15, houses Production, Service, Sales and Management departments under one roof. The company now employs more than 35 employees.